Everyone Needs A Plan

I’ve been watching the news this week about the wildfires in California, and my heart goes out to the folks dealing with that horror. It’s not just the people who are watching their hopes and dreams go up in smoke. It includes the firefighters, the first responders, the doctors and nurses who have to deal with the people coming in with burns, the veterinarians who are trying to help the animals that have been injured, the businesses that have been destroyed, the resources that burned, and all the beauty that is now in ashes. The list of woes seems endless.  

Disaster isn’t just confined to one small area of the world. Those fires have even created their own weather system! That means the weather in Michigan has been affected by the fires too. I sometimes think that anything that happens to one of us happens to all of us.

None of us are beyond the reach of disaster. You only have to think about September 11th, or the Oklahoma City bombings, or the California wildfires, or the Michigan tornados, or any number of other tragedies: fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, chemical spills, toxic agents, or radiation that is accidentally released; the list is endless. Any of us can be on the receiving end of a disaster. That means the best protection is to be prepared. Make a plan. Think of all the things that could affect you and how you can make it through in the best way possible. Write it down and make sure everyone in your family knows what your plan is. Be a survivor!