Happy Holidays

As the latest wave of COVID-19 roles through Michigan again, I’m thinking about how long this pandemic will last. Did any of us ever think it would continue for over a year? I certainly didn’t. I’m ready for it this time though. I’ve made sure the items I used from my emergency supplies last year have been replaced.

Having an emergency plan leaves me feeling a bit more secure in these uncertain times. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all sent home from work the first time because COVID was such a threat. Now that it’s rearing its’ ugly head again, I’m better prepared. I have a supply of masks on hand, and lots of hand sanitizer, but the main thing now is that I know what to expect. We all have been here before. We know about social distancing and how to sanitize the things we touch. We’re familiar with putting those masks on before we go into public places, and we take care to monitor how we’re feeling every day so we don’t expose others.

Pandemics aren’t the only threat though. It’s naive to think that we are immune to other disaster scenarios simply because we’re already embroiled in one. Winter is approaching quickly and brings with it high winds, possible power outages, snowstorms, and ice storms that can wreak havoc on our lives. While I don’t worry about what may happen, I do try to prepare ahead of time for it.

There are many steps you can take to improve your safety. Having extra food and water on hand in case we get snowed in is a good idea. How often have we faced huge storms in the past that left us sitting home for several days?

At this time of year, flooding isn’t a big threat. With everything frozen, there isn’t much chance of finding water in the basement, but it will be back again, come spring. For now, we have high winds to watch out for, fires, and power outages. Those are the most likely scenarios we’ll be facing over this winter, along with the pandemic.

Taking the time to make a plan for how you’ll respond during an emergency is a wise move. Stock up on some extra food and water, keep a supply of your medications on hand so you’ll have them if the weather locks you in for a few days, and make sure you take extra precautions for staying safe during this holiday season. 

This winter be prepared. For more information on making your emergency preparedness plan, contact Disability Network/Lakeshore at 616 396-5326.