Learning To Live With PTSD

A while back, I thought I’d done a fairly good job at learning to live with PTSD, but I hit another bump in the road and everything went up-side-down again. It was depressing enough just to experience another trauma, but I did not expect to find myself back with all the symptoms of PTSD: the flashbacks (although now they included a new event), the sleepless nights, the brain fog, and all the other inconveniences that are so familiar. I felt I’d made progress so far as dealing with all of that, and now it was back to square one.

As I move forward once more, I find it’s not quite as difficult as it was the first time around. That gives me some hope since if another trauma occurs, I don’t want to find myself in the same situation yet again. I hate being here! I don’t like living with PTSD, especially when it’s active and bothering me. But, like everyone else, I go on. We have to do the best we can.  

I am trying to learn new coping mechanisms. I’m working on anger management issues, and I’m also employing all the methods I used in the past to make it back on my feet. It’s not an easy task, as you well know. PTSD doesn’t peacefully amble along with you. It rips your life up and gets a stranglehold on you and it takes work to pull yourself out again. I’m lucky that I have people around who understand to help.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to regain ground, I wish the best for you. While it’s not easy, getting back to where you can feel the sunshine again is well worth the effort. Good luck in your journey.