Learning To Solve Your Problems

Sometimes when we confront our problems, they seem too overwhelming to ever resolve, but, approaching the issues with a clear idea of what we want to achieve can help. Sometimes we focus on the issue so closely that we can’t even begin to see a solution. Fortunately, there are ways to make things easier. You can use the VA Coach Online to think through your problem and plan possible solutions.

First, define the problem. It’s hard to come up with solutions when you don’t have a good grip on what the issue really is. Put it into words and write it down. Next, try to think of what it is about this problem that is keeping you from resolving it. Write these barriers down too.

Now it’s time to brainstorm potential solutions. When brainstorming, write down all the solutions you can think of, even if they seem too outlandish to possibly succeed. As you go along, you might find ways you can adapt that solution to fit the problem more accurately.

Once you have a list of possible solutions, choose one to try. Look for the one you think has the best chance of succeeding. Once you’ve chosen a possible solution, think about what steps you will need to take to reach your goal. Again, write the steps down. These are the actions you’ll take to resolve the problem. It can help to make a list of the pros and cons of each action you’re considering. Next, select the steps you want to follow through with. Since many problems can seem too large to deal with, it’s important to break your plan down into small steps that you can actually accomplish.

Finally, write down the criteria for how you’ll know that your solution worked. What proof will you need to show that you successfully resolved your issue? Now you know not only what the problem is, but some possible paths to take for solving it and the criteria for knowing if you were successful. With your plan in hand, you have a much better chance of acting on your problems and getting them off your mind.