Person-Centered Planning

Disability Network Lakeshore (DNL) staff use Person-Centered Planning (PCP) in determining the path we will follow when working with consumers. PCP is a process where we interview you to identify what it is you want and how you want to go about getting it. Simply put, it is a process directed by you, the person receiving the service.

When we use PCP, it helps us identify your strengths and the goals for what you want to achieve. We keep our focus on what you want, not what we think is right for you. After all, it’s your life we’re talking about! That’s a huge difference from the traditional medical model most support services work from.

We’ll help you make a plan to reach your goals by presenting information on all your options, so you know what’s possible. We’ll help you understand your choices and then we’ll support you in following the plan you want. We’ll check in with you each step of the way to clarify goals and ensure that we’re on the right track, where you want us to be. We’ll also help you identify family, friends, and others that you want to be a part of your support network.

Person-centered planning is a standard form of business for DNL staff. It’s one of the foundation stones we believe is necessary for providing services. It’s an important part of how we serve you…the most important part!

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