Repeat Performance

Medical experts are predicting that we are not yet done with the coronavirus pandemic. I suspect that’s true. People want it to be over so life can return to normal, and because of that, they are moving forward as though it is over. The problem is, coronavirus is still out there and it’s still capable of hurting a lot of people.

As someone who is at high risk, I’ve tried to be level-headed about what’s going on and to remember the basics I’ve learned so far: wash my hands often, don’t touch my face, wear a mask in public and avoid large gatherings of people. I carry antiseptic hand wash in my car so I can clean my hands when I come out of the store. I have a mask at work, one in my car, another in my purse, and one by the front door at home in case I need it. I do not want to get the virus even if it might not be a big deal for me. Perhaps most important to me is not spreading it. The population I work with is also at high risk, and I don’t want to infect them.

So, as we move forward, I’m cautious. I’m preparing to “shelter-in-place” if the Governor calls for it. She’s tightening up on the requirements for staying safe again as the number of people testing positive for the virus is increasing with more frequent outings. Basically, sheltering-in-place means staying home and not interacting with others. I have food and water set aside, and I have my finances set up so I can pay most of my bills from home without going outside at all. I’m taking this pandemic seriously so I don’t get hurt, and so I don’t hurt others.

Everyone wants life to return to normal; this may be our new normal! If things go back to the way they were, great. If they don’t, I want to be prepared so I don’t have to try to get by without the things I need to stay safe. I have my masks, cleaning agents, antiseptic hand wash, and the other supplies I need. I hope you’ve made a plan for staying healthy during this crisis too. Be well, and be safe.