Staying Safe For The Holidays

I always think of Halloween as the kickoff of the holiday season.  I love the holidays and with decorating, baking, and watching all the special shows, it’s a special time of year. It’s important though that we keep it a safe time of year too! has provided some tips for keeping your holidays safe this year. First, remember to keep an eye on your food when you’re cooking. If you leave and forget it’s on the stove, you can get into trouble quickly. Also, watch that you aren’t wearing loose-sleeved clothing around the stove that can drop onto the burner and ignite.

If you’re planning on traveling to visit friends or family this holiday season, keep an eye on the weather reports. Know what the weather risks are for the area you’ll be traveling in, and know what to do before, during, and after a situation develops. Better yet, stay off the road when there are snowstorms happening and have the proper tools in your car for staying safe such as an ice scraper, snow shovel, gloves, blanket, emergency flares or reflectors, rock salt, first-aid kit, extra windshield washer, etc.

If you decorate your house, turn the lights off when you go to bed or leave the house. Keep candles away from flammable items, and don’t leave them unattended, and water your Christmas tree so it doesn’t dry out. 

When shopping for holiday gifts, be sure you’re using secure computer sites (https://). Limit the personal information you share online. Check your account statements and credit reports regularly. Use antivirus programs, malware, and firewalls to block threats.

Regularly back up your files on an encrypted storage device, and make sure our passwords are strong enough to block someone trying to get into your accounts.

If you’re going to be going to parties or visiting family members, please remember to take precautions so you don’t expose yourself to COVID-19. The CDC recommends not traveling until you have been fully vaccinated. Use precautions when gathering in groups: remember social distancing and wearing your mask if you aren’t sure others have been vaccinated.

The holidays are upon us; let’s stay safe and make them as enjoyable as we can this year!