Did you know that June 1st was the start of the Atlantic hurricane season? I know, you’re probably thinking “What does that have to do with me? I live in Michigan!” Well, hurricanes can have a long reach, and while it’s true that we won’t feel the full force of the hurricane here, we can get backlash from the storms with high winds, tornados, and flooding. Being prepared means thinking about how these things might affect us and taking some action to lower our risks.

That’s especially important for people with disabilities, and it’s even more important during this current pandemic. Have you thought about what it might be like to have to go to a public evacuation center if you haven’t had your COVID-19 vaccination yet?

If you had to evacuate to a public shelter, how could you reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19, or a variant of the virus? What would you want to take with you to ensure your comfort and safety? Are there assistive technology items you would need to take with you to a shelter? If you had to shelter in place by remaining in your home, what should you have on hand to ensure your safety?

Now is the time to make a plan. Weather patterns are becoming worse, and disasters are happening more often and are more severe than they were in the past. Don’t get caught again without being ready! Disability Network/Lakeshore is ready to help you plan for how you can best survive another disaster situation in the best possible way. Call us at 616-396-5326.

It’s Michigan; we won’t be fighting a hurricane here, but we might have to deal with high winds, severe storms, and possibly flooding. Think about how that might affect you, and about what you can do to survive. Call us today.