Thunderstorms and Lightning

Last night we had quite a storm! I woke many times to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning. When that happens, I often think about how blessed I am to be inside, comfortable, and safe. Lightning is the leading cause of death from weather-related hazards.

In addition to lightning, thunderstorms often include damaging winds and may include hail or even a tornado. Having a weather radio on hand will help, especially if you set it to sound an alert when the National Weather Service issues a warning. Having a plan for what you’ll do and where you’ll go during a bad storm is also a way of planning ahead.

I have an emergency plan that includes what to do during a thunderstorm. Because I live in a house trailer, I’m concerned about not only my safety but the safety of my two dogs. If a thunderstorm warning is issued, I am prepared to leave my home to go to a friend’s house where we have a better chance of getting through without injury. As I listened to the wind blowing last night, it reminded me that it’s time to trim the tree in my backyard as it’s hanging over the roof of my home and if the wind blows hard enough, it could knock the shingles off the roof. That’s now on my project list for this weekend.

I have surge protectors on most of my expensive appliances, so they won’t be damaged if the power goes out and comes back on with a bang. I know enough to avoid using electronic equipment plugged into an electrical outlet during a storm. I also try to take the time to carefully check for downed power lines when I first go out after the storm.

I plan to stay safe and reduce my risk when storms are raging. I hope you’ll consider designing your own plan. If you need help, Disability Network Lakeshore can help you design your plan, and there is no charge for this service. Contact us at 616.396.5326 or here. Stay safe!