A Resource Center For Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Individuals

You might wonder what a Resource Center for people with hearing loss is. Disability Network Lakeshore has received a small grant to start a Resource Center that allowed us to purchase assistive technology devices that may make life easier for those with hearing loss. At the Center, you may borrow these devices for up to two weeks to try them out. Why is that important? Because some of these devices are quite expensive and paying for them only to find out they weren’t what you needed can be financially devastating. By being able to borrow a device and try it out, you can determine whether it will work for you before spending the money on it. That can make a big difference!

Some of the items we have in the Center include a portable telephone amplifier, a Sonic Boom alarm clock, a weather alert radio with flasher, a Universal Sound Signaler, a LookOut Notification Signaler, and much, much more. In addition, there is free information on area resources to help with hearing loss and even free communication stickers you can place on your car to let the police know you are hearing impaired if they pull over.

The Resource Center is growing with new items being added as funds become available. Please call Disability Network Lakeshore and make an appointment to visit the Center, or just drop in and visit us! With an appointment, you can ask to have a staff member available to explain items and assist you in choosing the right device for your needs. Call us at 616-396-5326.