A Time For Planning

I’ve been very lucky so far in this recent coronavirus crisis. I had made many preparations as part of my emergency preparedness plan. Because I was also assigned to develop a plan at my place of business, I had several years to decide what preparations I would need to get through.

Because of this, I had enough food, water, medicine, and comfort items to see me through. I am very blessed! I have tried to get others interested in prepping, but few people showed an interest. I spoke to a local networking group a couple of months ago, and afterward several of those attending told me I had scared them enough that the planned on going home and starting to make a plan for themselves. I sincerely hoped they weren’t joking.

You can bet when this crisis is over, I’ll be restocking my supplies in preparation for the next emergency. The world as we know it has changed, and I hope more people will change with it. Being prepared is something we cannot afford to ignore any longer. Please take the time now to note the items you wish you had during this present crisis. When you can, begin stocking up and preparing for the next emergency situation. Let’s all be ready next time!