Transitioning into the workforce during a pandemic stinks.

COVID has made life harder. And if you are a teen looking to develop the skills to find a job—it might seem overwhelming. Typical places that hire teens may be limited by the government orders or don’t want to take on the risk of hiring right now. Even when we’re not in a pandemic, you need to have the right skills to find and keep a job!

Moving into the workforce is a lot different than being in school. You need to develop a different set of skills and learn how to speak up for yourself and your abilities.

Preparing for and finding a job for teens should not be this hard.

Lucky for you, Disability Network Lakeshore and Michigan Rehabilitation Services have partnered together to bring you Career Kickstart. These live, one-on-one courses are for any teen, 14 -18 year old with an IEP, 504 plan, or other qualifying medical condition and live in Allegan or Ottawa counties.

These virtual training courses will teach you:

  • the skills you need to apply for a job
  • the skills employers are looking for so you can keep your job
  • how to disclose your disability to your employer and your co-workers
  • how to advocate for yourself with your employer

We have your back.

Between Disability Network Lakeshore and Michigan Rehabilitation Services, we have decades of experience training and guiding teens into the workforce. No matter your confidence level, your disability, or your circumstances, we are experts in getting you the right tools and skills to get a job and keep it.

The Courses

Job Exploration

These courses with help you figure out what kind of job would fit you best.

Career Exploration

Explore career options that fit with your interests and abilities by identifying a career pathway, examining related job requirements, and considering potential accommodations necessary for success in your field of choice

Prepare To Find A Job Now

Learn how to look for employment using online job search platforms, develop a better understanding of job descriptions and their purpose, and complete a practice application.

Job Readiness

These courses teach you skills to help you prepare for a new job.

Soft Skills

Become acquainted with the concept of soft skills, specifically, the skills employers want. Learn the difference between social, emotional, transferable, and common workplace skills so you can get and keep the job.

Work Ethic

Ever hear of the term work ethic? Or, wonder why professionalism and the ability to accept constructive criticism are so important? Explore all three concepts and discover what every great employee already knows.

Be Your Own Advocate

These courses help you speak up for yourself and teach you how to talk with employers about your disability.


Learn how to speak up for yourself, develop a personal advocacy plan, and explore common obstacles to independence


When and what should you share about your disability, and to whom? Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a person with a disability and how to ask for accommodations.

How does all of this work?

Career Kickstart works one-on-one with teens 14-18 years old with an IEP, 504 plan, or other qualifying medical conditions who live in Allegan or Ottawa counties.
The courses take place online so you will need a device that connects to the internet. That same device will need to have a camera and microphone. If you do not have such a device, we have a limited supply that you can borrow.
Our courses use Zoom and are an hour long. Courses can be divided into shorter segments based on attention or cognitive limitations.
Courses and a schedule will be decided on by the student and parent in collaboration with their MRS counselor.

1. Fill out the form below and submit it

Enter your first and last name, select your preferred communication method, and then fill in either your phone number or email address, and click submit.

2. Meet your MRS counselor and choose your courses

We will introduce you to your Michigan Rehabilitation Services counselor and you will choose your courses.

3. Gain confidence and find a job

After taking the courses you will have more confidence and be better prepared to find a job that fits you!