Home Modification & Assistive Technology Assessments

It can be a challenge to be disabled, but when you add the functional losses that come with aging, you may find yourself struggling to remain independent. There are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself though. You may want to consider having a home and an assistive technology assessment done. It can help identify problem areas and offer suggestions for modifications and assistive devices that may keep you living at home for years to come.

For instance, do you worry that you’ll walk out of the kitchen leaving something cooking on the stove and start a fire? You may want to consider using a stove with an automatic shut-off feature. Or do you care for someone with dementia? Installing a lock on the door leading outside that is located higher on the door can help prevent your loved one from wandering outside in the cold.

Are you afraid of being scalded while you’re taking a shower and you’re too slow adjusting the hot water temperature? You can have an anti-scald device, or a temperature regulator installed. Or the answer may be as simple as turning down the temperature on the hot water heater a few degrees.

If you’re using a wheelchair and have to make your own meals, are counters at the correct height for you? Do you have cupboards that are out of reach? If you’re hard of hearing, will you hear the smoke alarm or the carbon monoxide detector if it goes off? There are potential solutions for all of this, and most of it is low-cost.

Disability Network/Lakeshore has staff that will come to your home and do a walk-though with you and assess whether there are home modifications you can use to make it easier to stay in your home, or identify assistive devices that might prove beneficial.

Following the assessment, you’ll receive a written copy of the report listing problems and suggestions for resolving them. If there are assistive devices that may make things easier for you, we’ll include suggestions, price quotes and contact information for ordering.

If you are interested in scheduling a home/A.T. assessment, call Disability Network/Lakeshore at 616-396-5326. There is no charge for this service.