Let’s Be Smart

Let’s face it, life is hard! As I get older, I find that so many things are becoming more difficult than they used to be. It’s frustrating because mentally I feel much younger than my body tells me I am. When I stand up, I have to stand for a minute to adjust to the new position or I’m too stiff to move. I walk into a room on a mission to get something…and then promptly forget why I’m there! I walk a short distance and find I need a break before I can continue. Those things are happening more and more often, and it’s frustrating.

One of the nice things I’ve done for myself recently is to create a Smart911 profile. It’s something we’ve been promoting here at Disability Network Lakeshore because we know it can save lives. Smart911 is a national database of information that is provided to first responders when a call comes into 911 from a participant’s phone. The first responders are connected to the caller’s profile which contains information the caller has entered into the database.

I like the idea of Smart911 because I control what information my record contains. I can add as much or as little data about myself as I want. I listed my blood type, and the names of my two dogs so if a first responder had to come into my home, s/he would have that information if I couldn’t provide it at the moment.

It takes a while to create a profile, usually about an hour and a half. You can list what disabilities you have and how they affect you. Or enter all the medications you’re on. There is a place for listing the names of your family members, and even information about your pets. You can put in specific directions to your home or add a list of your allergies.

If you don’t have access to a computer, or if you fear you won’t be able to master entering all the information, please call Disability Network Lakeshore for assistance. We’d be glad to sit down with you at one of our computers and enter the information as you dictate it so you have a profile too. Call Disability Network Lakeshore at 616.396.5326.