Living with Change

Dealing with PTSD is a lifelong thing, not something that we “get over” after a few months of effort. What I am just realizing is that even progress is not a straight line. We learn new methods of coping, we move forward, then something else happens and we slide back and have to refocus on finding our way out again. It’s really frustrating, but that’s life. The other thing I realized is that each time I slide back, it’s just a little bit easier to climb out of the hole, to get back to where I was. I guess experience is a great teacher!

Coping with COVID-19 has taught me how truly adaptive I can be. Little did I expect that I’d be working from home every day, spending the day at my desk in the dining room instead of going to the office and working from there. I’ve mastered remote connection on my computer (not a great task for those of you who are younger, but quite an accomplishment for someone of my advanced age!), hosting Zoom meetings where I screen share and manage all aspects of a presentation, and attended many trainings in the comfort of my home. I’m surprised at my own ability to adjust to changes in my life and to do it in spite of having PTSD.

We are going to get through all these changes, one step at a time. And, as the saying goes, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’ve learned so much in the past 10 months: to accept change, to grow even when things are bad, and most of all, to trust myself and my abilities. With each step, it gets a bit easier. With each foot I slide back, I learn that much more about how to move forward. Ain’t life grand!

Our World still has barriers for people with disabilities. 

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