A Virtual Veterans Support Group

Of course, Coronavirus has had an effect on those who have PTSD. That nasty little virus has had an impact on almost all of us! For someone who has PTSD, it has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it enhances our natural inclination to isolate. A curse in that…yes, it enhances our natural inclination to isolate! Those of us with PTSD prefer to be away from all the chaos and activity of normal life. We like it quiet and with less stimulation going on around us. Unfortunately, even though we like it, it is not healthy for us to isolate as much as many of us do. The coronavirus allows us to get away with it.

So, how does one interact with others in an environment where this virus poses such a threat? I’ve been working using virtual meetings for the past several weeks now, and it does help. The hard part though is that most individuals with PTSD don’t want to connect virtually any more than they do face-to-face.

This virus also leaves us feeling out of control. It’s not by choice that we have to don a mask every time we go out of the house, or each time we stop by a home or business (ask me how many times I’ve had to walk back to my car to get the darn thing before going into a store!). I don’t like that feeling of having my face covered, but I especially don’t like that I can’t read the expression of others when they are wearing a mask. I wear one anyway. As the saying goes, it may be uncomfortable to wear a mask, but it would be more uncomfortable to wear a respirator!

This is a harsh time in history; it’s a new way of life for us, and it’s uncomfortable. While I encourage you to be safe, please don’t allow this virus to drive you back to isolating yourself entirely from others. That’s not healthy either. DNL is going to be hosting a group where veterans can talk to each other. It’s not a perfect answer, but at the time, it’s what we can offer. I hope you’ll join us! If you are a veteran and if you are interested in participating in the Virtual Veterans Support Group, please call DNL at 616-396-5396, and leave your contact information. I’ll send you a flyer so you will know the day and time to connect. We’ll be using Zoom, so you may have to install the program, but if you need help with that, please let us know that too. I hope to see you there!