Putting the Jolly Back into the Holidays!

The thing about the holidays is that while we may look forward to them, when they finally arrive, we end up thinking that things went by too fast, and they’re gone before we even had the time to enjoy them. How about making this year different? How about taking some time to make some fun? After all, this should be a time of joyous celebration.

This holiday let’s take a look at what we can do to put some enjoyment back into the season. Bake those cookies and eat a few of them… without guilt. Set aside some time to fuss over wrapping your presents so they look fantastic. Go to that movie that looked so good in the previews. Take yourself out for a nice dinner somewhere special. If you can’t afford it, then at least spend some time doing something nice for yourself. Take a hot bubble bath, light a scented candle and gaze at the Christmas tree, or spend the time giving yourself that manicure or pedicure you’ve been needing. It’s time to be nice to yourself!

You know, the world won’t end if you go into the season with a house that isn’t perfectly clean. If you’re thinking your in-laws are feeling more like outlaws, then maybe it’s time to set some rules for participating in holiday celebrations. Be gentle but be firm. The holidays should be pleasurable for everyone, and if you are all fearful of that one relative that ruins the party for everyone else, then maybe it’s time to tell that person that if they want to join the festivities, then they need to follow a few rules too.

This holiday make things different. Stop and enjoy the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of the season. December will soon be over. You can worry about what’s coming some other time. For now, enjoy all the traditions and the beauty of the season. When this holiday is over you should be able to say, “Whew! This year was different! This time I had a blast!” Happy Holidays!