Water, Water Everywhere

We had some pretty nasty storms this week, with rain coming down sideways several times when I looked. Of course, trees came down too and the electricity to my home went out. It’s been off now to two days and I keep getting text messages saying it will be back on shortly. Each time the list the approximate hour it will return, and each time that hour comes and goes with no electricity.

I’m glad to say, I’ve taken precautions to ensure we have enough water to get by a few days. We live in a society where almost anything we want can be had instantly, but sometimes that is not the case. I don’t blame the electric company- overall they do a great job and I take having running water in my house for granted. But I remember when some members of my family did not have running water in the home (yes, I’m that old). My father brought water into his parent’s home and they were so thrilled…and it was only a hand pump in the kitchen so they had water in the house, not even hot water. I, on the other hand, grew up with hot and cold running water in my home whenever I wanted it. I know how fortunate I am!

I keep bottled water on hand for the event of a power failure. When the power goes out, the pump to my well shuts down and there is no water in the house except what I’ve put by for an emergency. I keep freshwater in bottles under the counter by the sink, and buckets filled with water for the dogs tucked in corners. I change the buckets and freshen the water every 3 months. I do it for occasions like this. I don’t like the idea of it being summer, in the high 80s, and the dogs having no water. It’s a situation I must prepare for, so it’s a part of my emergency preparedness plan.

Making a plan doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it sure is worth it in the end! While I pray I won’t need the things I’ve set aside, I’m sure glad I have them when situations like this occur. An ounce of prevention, you know?