New Beginnings

This coronavirus has certainly changed our lives, and I find myself having to learn new ways to adapt every day because of it.  That’s hard, yet it’s what separates us from the apes!  It’s the technology that makes it difficult for me, even as far as changing to this website rather than using Word Press where I knew what I was doing and was comfortable doing it.  I’m still at the stage where I have to use a “cheat sheet” in order to get my thoughts posted!

Its technology that will get us through these times though; I realize that.  I’m older and it’s hard for me to learn things that are technology based.  I laughed with my sister this week when we were trying to set up a Zoom meeting and we couldn’t manage to make it work.  “We just need a 10-year old to show us how” she joked!  She was right.  Kids that grew up with technology know just what to do to get where they want to be.  Well, I’m working on learning these new ways and meeting these new challenges.

I’m learning to set up Zoom meetings.  I’m learning to use PDF Filler to get forms completed.  These are things I could never do before and have embraced in my ripe, old age!  I’m also learning to post things on our website, but that’s taking me longer!

My point is, we have to adapt all the time, or we’ll just stagnate.  In order to be useful and to engage in life, we have to be willing to embrace new challenges, and new opportunities…and that’s not always easy, especially for those of us who have PTSD.  It’s not so much that we don’t want to learn as that we are so overwhelmed by everything that’s coming at us at one time, that it can be hard to open up enough to let anything new inside.  That’s growth though…that’s life!