Words From An Old Prepper

I’m a Prepper from way back.  I don’t remember when I got started.  Perhaps when I moved back to Lower Michigan from the Upper Peninsula, but whenever it was, I began collecting items that I thought might help me be more comfortable if I ever had to evacuate to a public shelter.  After that, I thought about what I would need in order to shelter-at-home if I were ever directed to do so.

Today, I decided to go through my Go Kit and see what all I had in it. It’s pretty extensive after all these years, and this is the perfect time to check it out as I am sheltering-in-place at my sister’s home.  I was delighted to find several changes of clothes in the bag.  I packed a few things when the Governor said we would all have to remain at home for the next 3 weeks unless we provided essential services.  I was glad to find the extra clothing!  I also found things I’d placed in the Kit that I’d forgotten were in there – I have several “infection control” bags with a plastic apron, rubber gloves, antiseptic spray and hand-wash, and face masks. I may well need them if my sister or I get sick.

Then there were wet wipes, a deck of cards, a flashlight, and assorted other items I thought I might need.  It was sort of like having a little Christmas morning going on!  My sister and I oohed and aahed over the items and those we could use!  What fun, but more seriously, what a delight to have items I need now, or might need in the near future if either of us gets sick.

Along with noting which items were special for this type of emergency, I was able to think through, with a bit more clarity, what additional items I may want to put in my Kit, such as a good book that I haven’t read yet, another flashlight, pain reliever, and more antiseptic wipes.

Taking stock of my Go Kit was quite an experience.  It made me realize how much better it is to have to actually use the items in the Kit to get a sense of what’s important versus what is more frivolous.  Having a Kit at all puts me one step ahead of many people.  Let me encourage you at this time to start a list for yourself of the things you wish you had put away for a time like this (perhaps toilet paper would be first on your list!).  Good luck and stay well!