New Traditions

I received a text from a close friend last week saying she had exposed me to the coronavirus. She had been coughing and sneezing while she was in my home, but thought it was just her routine allergies.

My first reaction was one of surprise; how could I have missed seeing that she might have COVID-19? Then came the fear. Will I get the virus now? I’m at high risk, so I was worried, but at least I wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms. By the time I received the text that I’d been exposed, I was already almost a week into the quarantine period. The expected quarantine is for 14 days from exposure.

I spent this week monitoring myself for symptoms. Fortunately, I’ve had none. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the virus; I may be one of those people who are asymptomatic and can still spread it, so with that in mind, I went down and got tested. I’m awaiting the results of that test now. This has been a wake-up call for me; now I understand that I can’t become complacent in my efforts to avoid getting or spreading the virus. None of us can afford to ignore safety practices that protect ourselves and others.

As the holidays approach, it’s likely the virus will continue to spread as people indulge in unsafe practices. My sister and I have been talking about what to do for our holiday celebrations. Every year I host a Christmas party for my friends. Not this year. Each year we meet with my nephew and his wife and children for a meal and gift exchange. Not this year. Am I disappointed? Yes, most certainly, but I’m alive to be disappointed and I plan to stay that way!

The holidays are sure to look different this year, but those things that are important to me haven’t changed. If I have to sacrifice a few traditions to keep myself, my family, and my friends healthy, I will! Keeping those I love safe…now that’s a family tradition worth keeping!