Something Special

I raise dogs, and not one of them will refuse a cookie when offered!  I enjoy coming home and greeting each one with a small, yummy goody.  They come running when they hear my car pull in and my special girl, Sophie, begins to yodel her beagle version of “Mama’s Home!”   It’s noisy, chaotic, and I love it!  People often ask me why I give my dogs treats when it should be enough that I’m home.  I tell them that even little dogs enjoy a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.  And, I have to admit, I enjoy giving it to them!

Life can be hard; you already know that.  It’s fraught with difficulties and disappointments and there can be a lot of gray days.  It’s important for me to show those I care about a bit of happiness when I can.  That, in turn, makes me happy.

When we have PTSD, sometimes I think we can lose sight of how important those little good times are.  We focus on our safety so much that we forget to help those we love have a touch of sunshine in their lives.  In fact, we may be so distracted that we come down too hard on them for minor incidents.  I remember my own childhood being pretty bleak, and perhaps that’s part of why I want to do things for my dogs too.  I don’t have children to spoil. 

Maybe you don’t think that it’s something you need to do, this sharing the sunshine thing.  Remember, life is difficult for those around you too, and if you can shine a little light on them, it might even make you feel a bit better.