When I think about managing to survive following a disaster, one of my greatest concerns is finding water.  From the troubled times I’ve already lived through (fire and power failures), I know that having water is one of my main concerns.  If you don’t have a way of getting into your own well or water system, you need to have a pond, stream or another source of water on your property.

At my home, I have a well, but it’s powered by an in-ground electrical pump.  When the power fails, the pump shuts down and we have no water to drink, flush, or wash with.  That certainly creates problems.  I was fortunate when we had our fire that I had water stored in the house and that kept us going until friends stopped by with more and we finally got our power turned back on.  Without it, we would have suffered much more than we did…and the suffering we did was enough without anything more being added on.

As I contemplate moving to a new home where my water source will be city water, I will have to revamp my entire plan for ensuring I have the water I’ll need following a disaster.  I’m not sure what my plan will look like yet, as I’m just starting to put it together, and I haven’t moved yet and don’t know exactly where I’ll be or what I’ll be facing.  I know I will want a dependable source of water though wherever I’ll be.  A new plan is something I need to begin crafting very soon as I don’t want to move without one.  I’ve lived through disaster, and if it strikes again, I plan to live through it again!